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Robert "Bobby" Hubbard started out in the construction business in Flagstaff since 1972  as a hod carrier for a local masonry contractor. He worked his way up to Supervisor of a masonry crew within a few years. After a time, he decided to branch out and learn the framing and carpentry trades. For five years he was Construction Supervisor for two well-known Flagstaff contractors.


As a Construction Supervisor, Bobby was in charge of all aspects of building homes from the groundbreaking, through lining up and supervising contractors, to the inspections with the city and county, walk throughs with clients, final inspection and callbacks with the new homeowners. By 1995, Bobby obtained his own residential contractor's license and in June of 1995 RC Hubbard LLC was established.


Since 1995, RC Hubbard has been building fine homes throughout the Flagstaff area in upscale neighborhoods and developments including Forest Highlands, Flagstaff Ranch, Equestrian Estates, Pine Canyon, Linwood Heights, Munds Park and Continental. RC Hubbard has also remodeled homes throughout the Flagstaff area. In 1997, Bobby obtained his commercial license and has completed many commercial projects.


RC Hubbard uses only who we believe to be the best subcontractors and suppliers available. You can be confident that the quality of workmanship is the finest. RC Hubbard believes in "CRITICAL ATTENTION TO DETAIL" in every step of the design and building process. The jobsite is always kept clean of trash and debris, and preliminary landscaping is done which gives the site a cleaner professional appearance.


RC Hubbard uses only the best quality materials so they meet the customer's expectations and perform to the highest standards. A list of suppliers and vendors is available so that customers can visit showrooms for ideas of their own in each phase of the building process which requires customer selections of products and colors.

The customer is always right in the selection of materials and colors as it is the company's belief that the customer should have what they desire, and then RC Hubbard makes every effort to achieve those desires.

Please feel free to contact any of our satisfied customers.

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Email: bobby@rchubbard.com


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