Dear Janet & Bobby, Thanks so much for all you have done to make our building experience so wonderful. From the start to finish you have both been helpful, efficient and so very accommodating. We love the house and look forward to years of good times! Thanks again - We appreciate everything you've done.

Lisa, Steve & Family

Dear Bob and Janet, Kathleen and I want to thank you for your commitment to our satisfaction in the completion of our home at Forest Highlands. We have been impressed with the professional approach you both took from the start to explore our dreams, quantify our needs and program a solution that meets the needs within an affordable budget. Your staff has been easy to communicate with at any time. They understood and quickly implemented any suggestions we made. We are most appreciative of the time you have devoted and the success you have had in attracting and keeping an excellent staff. You can count on us for a recommendation at any time. Sincerely, David E. Hall
David E. Hall

Not only does Mr. Hubbard build a great home, he continues to supply his workmen when needed. We've dealt with builders in the past that won't even come and do the warranty work, let alone deal with the owner afterwards. Last summer, we contacted the Hubbards and they sent someone over to do some maintenance work around the house. We also had a smoke alarm that started beeping and Janet sent out their electrician to replace the battery - this alarm was at the highest point of our ceiling, some 25 feet up. We were amazed when he told us there would be no charge, as Mr. Hubbard's crew look after "their" homes, even though we were not the original owners. We learned that Mr. Hubbard was contracted by the Altmans, the original owners of our home, to build their new home in California. They must have been extremely impressed with the quality of his work to hire him again. I don't think we would ever build another home, as this one is so perfect for us, but if we did, we would certainly retain the services of RC Hubbard.
Jim and Barbara Baker

Please be advised that I highly recommend RC Hubbard for your new home. I can give him nothing but the highest praise. He is extremely honest and fair. We built our Forest Highlands home while working full time in Phoenix, and trusted him completely, and never throughout the project did we ever have a question or concern. He is thorough and thoughtful and was very concerned in providing a quality product. As we were on a budget, he was very helpful with his "value engineering" tips and we did complete our home on budget, with the exception of add ons which we requested after the contract was signed. As a further encorsement of the quality of his work, our roof has never leaked, including this past winter, when so many of our neighbors had problems with snow melting on the roof. We have also never had a pipe break or a flood. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Bob is a quality person who provides a quality product.
Iva S. Hirsch


Dear Bobby and Janet, I just wanted to say "Thank you" for taking such good care of my clients!!

I greatly appreciate it...

Allen Ginsberg


Bob, thank you for fixing the door.  this gift certificate is just a small way to thank you for always being so responsive to our needs. Thank you again.

Mike DeMuro


Bob, I wanted to thank you for the lnice job that your team did on our townhouse.  It looks great and the house is clean and in great shape.  I will recommend you whenever I have the opportunity.

Jack Eberenz


Dear Bob, we are very happy with the fine work you have provided and will always be thankful that you were involved in making the right decision.  thank you for your very fine work, supervision, and planning every detail.

Barbara Vincent





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